Altitude in Bhutan

Altitude in Bhutan is higher than most people are used to and altitude sickness is rare in Bhutan as most valleys are less than 2,300 m, and mountain passes are around only 3000 m. Except trekking and rest of tours will not reach altitudes higher than 3,500 m. Our trekking programs may reach up to 3,500 m to 5,000 m. We recommended our guests that keep their health observation for few days to moderately fit and let do not suffer from any lung related condition such as asthma, etc while trekking in high altitude. As we confirmed that respective guests are fits for trekking so then we continue our trek. Of course we carry related health aids with us.

Bhutan Township Altitude

Thimphu2,250m / 7,382 ft.
Paro2,350m. / 7,710 ft.
Phuentsholing300m. / 985 ft.
Dochu La Pass3,150m. / 10,334 ft.
Punakha1,310m. / 4,300 ft.
Wangdue Phodrang1,310m. / 4,300 ft.
Phobjikha (Gangtey)2,900m. / 9,510 ft.
Pele La Pass3,420m. / 11,220 ft.
Trongsa2,200m. / 7,215 ft.
Bumthang2,800m. / 9,285 ft.
Mongar1,700m. / 5,580 ft.
Trashigang3,773m. / 12,375 ft.
Trashiyangtshe1,850m. / 6,070 ft.