About Us

Bhutan Hiking Travels is a professional Bhutanese tour operator licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan and a member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). Our company is based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. Our management and staff are comprised of seasoned travel professionals serving the domestic and international market. We offer a wide range of travel-related services to accommodate your every travel requirement on this Land of Happiness. Bhutan has always been fascinating for foreigners as well as its residents. Bhutan strongly follows the philosophy of Gross National Happiness where the goal is “life in balance” through blending the material and philosophical world, spiritual and physical practice, visible and non-visible realities. Our goal is to offer a variety of travel opportunities to explore and experience this soul of Bhutan. The trips conducted are culturally and ecologically sensitive and pervades the superficial, crossing the pedestal of tangibility and visibility by providing visitors a complete portrait of Bhutan’s essence and the elements that make the Kingdom unique. In this pursuit, we ensure that its cultural identity is not compromised and Bhutan’s status as an environment “hotspot” stays unshaken. You can get every article of peace and happiness. Though kingdom is land lock country you can have endless environmental beauty. The hearts of Bhutanese are compassion and hospitality. Everyone come here to enjoy with nature beauty but takes a lot with Bhutanese culture and tradition.

We believe in excellence through innovation. Thus, feedbacks before and after tours are at the core of our policy. These serve as the building blocks for improvement and client satisfaction. Consultations with guests before the tour enable us to deliver what is required, by incorporating the desires and expectations of our guests.

Our company is specializes in designing itineraries for Trekking tours, Cultural tours, Festival tours, Student tours, Adventure tours, For a and Funa tours, briding tours, buddhism tours, Agriculture tours, day hiking tours etc. We are here to help you with all aspects of your vacation. Whether you are an independent traveller, travelling with children or looking for a group tour, We organize a wide range of small and large-group tours and treks including special itineraries for students throughout Bhutan. Renowned for; trek without trekkers along virgin routes, inspirational encounters with lecturers, adepts and mountain peasants. We also focus on Gross National Happiness and Buddhism.

The CEO of company Mr. Wangchuk chuwan has been in tourism field for last 15 years. He obtained tour guide license in 2003, he is one of sr. most french speaking guide. He spealised in Bhddhist iconography. In 2007 he received the award of excellencce in tourism management, Airline and travel marketing. His first professional as tour guide and visited various part of country with different guests. He having ample knowledge in tourism field. All our trip leaders and guides are licensed by the Department of Tourism. They are fluent in English, has broad outlook and well experienced in their respective fields. We also provide guides who speak French, German and Japanese. And we all share the common goal of facilitating a highly satisfying experience for all our Guests! Tashi Delek…